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The Jack Blood Show
Host: Jack Blood
Website: www.deadlinelive.info
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Fridays, 2-4 PM Pacific

As a Radio Talk show host for the last 20 years, Jack Blood has interviewed some of the Top experts, researchers, investigative reporters, historians, Artists, Whistle-Blowers, and political "policy makers" the world over. With several years of research and comprehensive information gathering, Jack has a serious understanding of how the Global Super Elite do their business. He understands and decodes the doublespeak, and group-think of the mainstream media, and outlines the agenda of those who would seek to control, misuse, or enslave the planet.

Jack Blood can also discuss Mind Control, Corporate Corruption, The Police State, Globalism "Free Trade", The United Nations Agenda (Inalienable Rights vs UN Privileges), Secret Societies, Government Sponsored Terrorism, Culture Jamming, The War on Drugs, The Food Revolution... And Breaking News Du Jour.

Jack Blood has been interviewed on Numerous radio stations, syndicated radio networks, Print media, Network and Cable TV, You Tube, and Documentary Videos... Including ABC Nightline, 360 Anderson Cooper, The LA Times, The Austin Chronicle, The History Channel, A&E etc. Jack Blood is NOT affiliated with any organizations, or political parties, and does not have any other mission than that of freedom of human consciousness.

The Carol Rosin Show
Host: Carol Rosin
Website: www.peaceinspace.com
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Fridays, 4-6 PM Pacific
Starts 2/5/16

First woman executive in a USA aerospace company, an educator, international speaker, author and a space and missile defense consultant, Dr. Rosin is known to be "the original political architect of the move to stop the SDI and ASATs." Quote from "Military Space," 1987. As former spokesperson for the late rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun, Carol presents a technically, politically, economically feasible vision with steps that can be taken by heads of states, corporate-military Complex decision makers, but only at this unique brief moment in time, that can replace the entire weapons or war industry and mindset and lead us into a Space Age system in which all sacred life in all cultures can finally live sustainable, healthy, happy lives in a clean and safe local, national and global environment. After over 40 years of focus on preventing the weaponization of space, having worked on legislation, testified before the US Congressional House and Senate and the President's Commission on Space, speaking with local, national and international audiences, inspired by her Contact include with Wernher von Braun, Buckminister Fuller, Timothy Leary, Issac Assimov, Arthur Clark, Scott Jones, Abe Krieger, Paul Heller, Edgar Mitchell, and many others, Carol will share personal experiences and insights, and discuss exciting actions that are keys to opening new portals to truths. Her shows will bring innovative solutions and applications for human and other animal needs, energy, the environment and more on earth, and unlimited benefits and opportunities for all sacred life.

The Vinny Eastwood Show
Host: Vinny Eastwood
Website: www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com
Website: www.guerillamedia.co.nz
YouTube: mrnewsguerillamedia
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Wednesdays, 4-6 PM Pacific

Vincent Eastwood (AKA MR. NEWS) was born in the ominous year of 1984, the same year set out in Orwells masterpiece and the year of New Zealands neoliberal economic reforms. After working in the telecommunications industry he quit when he noticed that when he lied to the customer the companies profit margins went up. Unable to work or have an employer in the conventional sense Vincent went out with frustration at the mainstream media and began to make his own news by interviewing the activists about real issues that truly affect New Zealand and the world. The idea is to get the activists who live and breathe the issues and are not bound by corporate or political parties to be the pundits reporters and watch dogs on the multi-faceted agendas of the global elite right here at home. He hopes to one day be part of an alternative media revolution that will replace the mainstream media, for they are no longer relevant. He runs a website www.guerillamedia.co.nz and a youtube channel www.youtube.com/mrnewsguerillamedia.

The Jordan Maxwell Show
Host: Jordan Maxwell
Website: www.jordanmaxwellshow.com/
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Fridays, 6-8 PM Pacific

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult/religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three-and-a-half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America's oldest Freethought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world.

His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades. Considering the rapidly moving events of today, and the very real part hidden religious agendas play in our modern war-torn world, he feels these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore, but too important to ignore! His extraordinary presentations includes documents and photographs seldom seen elsewhere.

Freedom Of Joyce
Host: Tere Joyce
Website: www.freedomofjoyce.net
YouTube: YouTube Channel
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Tues & Thurs, 2-4 PM Pacific

Tere Joyce was your typical American stand-up comedian who's goals, life, and career existed in the matrix of Hollywood. Until one day, she found herself staring at the barrel of a gun during a federal DEA raid in a California medical marijuana dispensary. The experience was a catalyst for Joyce to examine her government, politics, media, and the one percent. Freedom of Joyce is a show that explores all aspects of freedom from the introspective, cultural, and the universal perceptive. Activists. spiritualists, comedians, musicians. and people from all walks of life will be sharing their stories and opinions highlighting the personal empowerment within all us. Facebook

The Opperman Report
Host: Ed Opperman
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Thursdays, Noon-2 PM Pacific

Ed Opperman is President of Opperman Investigations Inc, a private detective agency based in Colorado, he is also President of Accurate Information Recovery. Having grown up on the tough streets of the South Bronx in NYC, Ed learned at an early age how to navigate between both sides of the law. Ed has led a very colorful life, running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain, competing in marathons and participating in may political causes both as a political activist and street protester and mainstream campaign fund raiser. Ed has worked in the investigations field since the early 1980s first as an information broker and later in counter electronic surveillance. Working for the defense with some of NYCs top law firms and private investigators in many high profile organized crime cases. Ed soon made a name for himself in this area and has become the leading provider of this type of Digital Forensic Investigation. He was chosen to examine the cell phones in the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal and his services have been used to investigate allegations of infidelity launched against Aston Kutcher and Todd and Sarah Palin as well as many other high profile celebrity clients. In 2012 he was part of the Congressional investigation and hearing into the Secret Service agents misconduct in Colombia.

Psi-Op Radio
Hosts: SMiles Lewis & Mack White
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Wednesdays, 6-7 PM Pacific

Described by friends as a Militant Agnostic Anomalist Fortean Informationalist and Gonzo Alt-Media Proprietor, SMiles Lewis has had a lifelong interest in all things anomalous. From his home in Austin, Texas, he's published his own paranormal zine, led the local MUFON chapter and Alien Abductee / UFO Experiencer Support Groups, organized the "Best UFO Conference that Never Happened," edited a local paranormal newspaper that (through a strange twist of fate) became InfoWars Magazine, and maintains a network of paranormal and parapolitical websites. He serves on the boards of local non-profits focused on UFOs and anomalous cognition (including the 501c3 lending library he founded called the Anomaly Archives) and lectures on UFOs and consciousness. He's hosted a variety of terrestrial and web-radio shows that he's been transmitting through his own internet radio station since last century. You can learn more about him at SMilesLewis.com.

Mack White is artist, writer, and comics creator living in Fort Worth, Texas. His published works include Villa of the Mysteries, The Bush Junta, and the award-winning series Texas Tales Illustrated. His official website is www.MackWhite.com and he may be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mack.white.102.

Porkins Policy Radio
Host: Pearse Redmond
Website: www.porkinspolicyreview.com/
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Tuesdays, 12-2 PM Pacific

Pearse Redmond is an alternative researcher, published writer, and radio host in New York City. He covers a wide variety of topics including geopolitics, terrorism, cults, true crime, and deep politics. As host of Porkins Policy Radio Pearse has covered topics such as the OJ Simpson trial, the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case, inner workings of Scientology, and the CIA's role in destabilizing Jamaica. Pearse is the co-host of The CIA and Hollywood with Tom Secker, which explores the complex and incestuous relationship between the national security state and cinema. He is also the co-host of Porkins Great Game with Christoph Germann, where they explore the geopolitics of Central Asia, the Caucus, and the global war on terror.

Mi Casa Su Casa
Host: Niko House
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Thursdays, 6-7 PM Pacific

"Niko House was the founder and president of Carolina students for Bernie Sanders, Former President of North Carolina Colleges for Bernie Sanders, Executive Board Member of Revolt Against Plutocracy, Political Strategist, Speech Coach, Analyst, Independent Journalist, and Prominent Social Media Personality.

Conspiracy Theory News
Host: Marz Theron
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Wednesdays, 7-8 PM Pacific

Marz Theron has been an Entertainer and an Activist for decades. He's also a card carrying member of MENSA routinely scoring genius level on IQ tests.

As an entertainer he has performed as an actor, singer and standup comedian. As an activist he has carried signs and given speeches at assorted events, espousing various causes from anti-war to social injustice.

He has written and performed sketches with various comedic troupes. He has also sung professionally at various public and private events.

As a standup he was a regular at The Comedy Workshop, Laff Stop, Cap City Comedy Club, and The Velveeta Room in Austin. In Los Angeles he could be seen at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Laugh Factory among others. He was a member of The LA Connection and The California Mystery Train improvisation troupes.

He was a writer, co star and 2nd Unit Director of The LA Night Life TV Show. He wrote, produced and performed the one-man show: "Conspiracy Theories; The Musical". He is currently writing a tell-all book called "Conspiracy Theories; The Book".

American Survival
Host: Chance Gibson
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 - 8525
Time: Tuesdays, 6-8 PM Pacific
Starts 9/05/17

Chance Gibson is The President of American Survival Wholesale, A Preparedness Company Based out of Austin, Texas since 2012. An Eagle Scout, and Veteran of The US Navy, Search and Rescue Operations and Logistics. Chance has extensive knowledge ranging from Survival, Weapon Safety and Planned Preparedness Training through Custom Consultations based on individual or Family needs. American Survival Wholesale assist those who are interested in helping others prepare, start their own business through their Distributorship Program. Their Veterans Outreach Program is very unique...as it is the only program designed to work with our Veterans in a (one-to-one) perspective. This includes, need based food donations, Blankets, Tents, Generators, Utility assistance, and Counseling. Sometimes just Fellowship is an important aspect to this program. Chance can be reached by phone at (818) 720-0759 or by Email: bugoutamerica@usa.com. If you are a Veteran in need of any assistance, please reach out to them today. Please support http://www.americansurvivalwholesale.com...by supporting ASW you are supporting our Veterans in need.

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