UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS - Law suit filed against EDWIN CORR, Individually and in his official capacity as Ambassador to El Salvador; CELERINO CASTILLO, III, Individually, and in his capacity as a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration Read More

Kingpin Indictment Of George H. W. Bush - The following is adapted from a draft indictment of George Bush prepared by former DEA agent Celerino Castillo and the editors of Executive Intelligence Review.  All the evidence contained in this draft indictment has been thoroughly documented.  Most of it has been taken either from the Kerry Report of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, or the Final Report on Iran-Contra. Read More

An Interview With DEA Veteran Celerino Castillo - My guess is that there is a moment of truth that comes to our soldiers in the "War Against Drugs"; a moment when they realize it's all a crock. It seems that most choose to lay low and hang onto their jobs when that moment of decision arrives. A few, though, have got something that you could call "honor". When their moment of truth arrives, they are unable to rationalize themselves into a "go along to get along" lifestyle. Thank God that not all of our soldiers in this "War Against Drugs" have turned out to have the souls of petty bourgeois shopkeepers. Thank God there have been some great souls among them. Read More

The CIA, The Contras And Crack Cocaine - Beginning in late 1984, the Contras, a group of Nicaraguan anti-government fighters trained by the CIA and supervised by Oliver North, were desperate for cash. Congress had cut funding to the ragtag group of former Somoza national guardsmen and desperate peasants because of numerous reported human rights violations. So, to keep the Contras alive, the CIA and North were forced to seek out alternative funding. Those money-raising schemes included cutting an arms deal with the Iranians, soliciting money from friendly third party countries and arranging a marriage of convenience with Colombian drug traffickers. Read More

The CIA and Drugs - Journalist Gary Webb did a series of investigative reports for the San Jose Mercury-News detailing how the CIA was involved in importing cocaine into the United States and funneling that drug to poor inner-city neighborhoods, using the proceeds to finance the terrorist Contra army in Nicaragua. Further confirmation of the CIA's role in cocaine importation is provided by two former DEA agents, Michael Levine and Celerino Castillo. Michael Levine wrote a book called The Big White Lie, where he documents how the CIA forced the DEA to back off prosecuting large cocaine dealers in Bolivia because the CIA was backing a coup by these same drug dealers to overthrow the leftist government in Bolivia. This so-called cocaine coup also involved the participation of Nazi war criminals like Klaus Barbie and the anticommunist Moon organization. Celerino Castillo gave testimony that Cuban exile and CIA agent Felix Rodriguez was using the Ilopango air base in El Salvador to smuggle arms to the Contras and cocaine back to the United States as part of Oliver North's operations against the Sandinistas. Once again DEA agent Celerino Castillo was told by the CIA to back off from any interference with Felix Rodriguez's cocaine smuggling. It is patently obvious that defeating leftists is greatly preferred over any efforts in the so-called War on Drugs. Read More

Alex Jones' Rebuttal To Allegations Made By Michael Ruppert Concerning Gary Webb's Death - Firstly it is important to note our past experience with Mike Ruppert. In March 2003 Mike Ruppert stated that he had "indirectly confronted" Alex Jones over "outright fabrications regarding Patriot Act II." Alex Jones has never heard from Mike Ruppert on this issue nor has he been contacted by anyone else who heard or saw Ruppert in speech or print "indirectly confront" Alex over his analysis of Patriot Act II. Secondly, as soon as Alex Jones learned of Gary Webb's death the first people he contacted were his sources who knew Gary Webb, Cele Castillo, Ricky Ross and Chico Brown. Alex took the obvious first step of contacting those who may have known whether Webb was likely to have committed suicide. Read More

The CIA (Criminals In Action) - War criminal and notorious CIA klller/ drug trafficker Ted Shackley, known as 'The Blond Ghost, died on December 9, 2002. The Ultimate Cold War Apparatchik, Ted Shackley was the notorious Director of 'Operation Phoenix' in Laos and Viet Nam, and thus responsible for a slaughter which claimed the lives of over 40,000 Vietnamese civilians under the guise of neutralizing communist sympathizers. According to many credible reports, Shackley was involved in covert and illicit drug trafficking and weapons sales as late as the notorious Iran-Contra scandal, in which a huge quantity of weapons fell into terrorist hands Read More

DEA Agent's Decade Long Battle To Expose CIA-Contra-Crack Story - Veteran Drug Enforcement Agent Celerino Castillo III never figured his toughest anti-drug case would be against the federal government which employed him for 15 years. Last week, flanked by civil rights leaders Dick Gregory and the Rev. Joseph Lowery, he staged a public protest at DEA headquarters in Washington to demand an official investigation into the government's clandestine "contra" policy which allegedly flooded America's predominantly black communities with crack cocaine during the 1980s. Read More

Contra-Intelligence On Oliver L. North - North was brought into the National Security Council staff in August 1981. One of the first assignments was to serve as the NSC staff liaison to the Kissinger Commission on Central America beginning in the summer of 1983. After October 1984, Vice President Bush designated North to coordinate the re-supply operations for the Contra network. At the same time, he was involved in various schemes to ransom U.S. hostages being held in Lebanon, by providing arms to Iran. Read More

Celerino Castillo, The DEA Man Who Worked Too Well - In the 1980s , Celerino Castillo III was one of the DEA's top agents, coordinating major busts in New York, Peru and Guatemala. But when he got to El Salvador at the height of the Contra War and reported that US agents under the control of Oliver North's NSC operation were running drugs, his superiors informed him that if he persisted he would be run out of town. "I was told my career would end because I was stepping on a White House operation," Castillo told us in the late summer of 1997. "I wrote dozens of reports but they disappeared into a black hole at DEA headquarters." Eventually Castillo was pulled out of Central America and placed under an internal investigation; he finally left the DEA in disgust. Read More

“Ollie’s Contra-Band” - For several years, I fought in the trenches of the front lines of the Reagan-Bush’s drug war. I was trying to stamp out what I had considered American’s greatest foreign threat. While our government shouted, “Just Say No”, entire Central and South American nations fell into what was known as “Cocaine Democracies”. The man that brought us this epidemic is none other than former Lt. Col. Oliver North. Read More

Former DEA Agent Confirms U.S. Government Knowledge Of Cocaine Distribution For Contras - A former narcotics agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration said today that he could document evidence that his agency knew of the shipments of cocaine flown from Central America to the United States. Celerino Castillo III confirmed the charges of a three-part series published by the San Jose Mercury News written by Gary Webb, which said that during the 1980's the Central Intelligence Agency backed Contras who were involved in selling crack cocaine to L.A. street gangs to get money for their military. Read More

Oliver North-Drug Trafficking Hero - Hummers, SUVs, Mercedes, and Cadillac were arriving for Oliver North and The Salvation Army’s fundraiser. I could have sworn that it was a Republican fundraiser. As the vehicles went by, some had the audacity of “shooting the bird” at us while we were exercising our First Amendment rights. It was a good thing that the camera was clicking. “Good old boys” at their best. Read More