This is exactly what happens when a person does the right thing.  Their is a pattern of retaliation toward whistle-blowers in this country which is one of the things that led to the economic crisis our country is in at the moment.  Nobody wanted to speak-up for fear of losing their job, personal assets, reputation, etc., and for all the good it has done!  The very people being "protected" are left secure in their positions while those who said nothing are experiencing absolute turmoil in their lives; much like Mr. Castillo.
While people fear putting their assets on the line it was people like Mr. Castillo who put their asses on the line in defense of our country in the armed forces and in law enforcement on the streets of our country.  All the while being decorated for doing a good job at it!
What's the matter with us!  Why do we stand-by and let good people go down for the whimsical political unrest of some, and the ignorance of others?  Because we fear our government rather than respect it, that's why.  We tend to stay-away from what we fear, or disrespect, lest we be consumed by it.  What about the Castillo family... who is going to help them in their time of need - the government?
Is their anybody out there who can cast the first stone?  Mr. Sutton.  Mr. De La Garza?  Mr. Castillo cast his stone back in El Salvador, almost thirty years-ago, when our government was up to its knees in political mud in Central America.  Somebody had confidence in Mr. Castillo or he wouldn't have been sent there in the first place.  Should he have kept his mouth shut knowing people were dieing in football stadiums at the behest of local government troops under the purported guise of American's?  At the very least being funded with U.S. money!
Mr. Castillo was apparently simply doing his duty by reporting "illegalities" being committed in his "area of operation."  Was it un-American for him to do so?  For that he was told to turn-a-cheek and business as usual.  How does a person dedicated to what the U.S. Constitution stands for do such a thing.  One of the questions should be, "What has to happen for a person to choose to turn a cheek?"  What causes us to make the decision to turn our backs on fellow humans for the sake of a job?  For some of us who have taken the oath to protect the U.S. Constitution, "against all enemies, foreign and domestic," we took it to heart and meant-it!  Is it okay to sells drugs to people on our streets, or for that matter, missiles to a foreign government... of course not!  Mr. Castillo had the right stuff twenty years before September 11, 2001.  It wasn't until we had parts of our precious country blown to hell, and many lives lost, that we learned to have the right stuff.
Mr. President, I hope you are hearing those of us who love our country and if I had to do it again, I would fight just as hard as the first time for the privilege of living in the United States, as an American... just like Mr. Castillo has, and would do so again - I'm sure.
What I see is not a man being harassed by a faction of a government system gone astray.  I see American's being taken down, one-by-one, in a system that has forgotten that it's the individual's that make up this country.  We used to say, "Don't Tread On Me," but their are those out there who no longer listen because they blow us up a building at a time, because that's how we think - in large numbers.
Somebody said, "I have seen the enemy and he is us," had a pretty good sense of humor but alas, he was right.
Mr. Castillo, I too hope this letter makes it to the desk of President Obama because I honestly believe he still sees us as Americans who have something to say.  Nay, as Americans who have the right to speak up when we have something to say without fear of reprisal.  I offer you not words of comfort but something that nobody else on this earth can - and that's my deepest personal respect for you, sir.
Thank you for your service,
Larry Trujillo
New Mexico