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05/04/2018    Friday - Today's guest in the first hour was Diane Sare. Diane Sare – is a politically savvy guest, with lots of juicy stories about international politics, including the ups and downs of 25 years of organizing with one of America’s most controversial politicos, Lyndon LaRouche. Sander's guest in the second hour was Victor Tiffany. Victor Tiffany is a chief advocate for the "Contract for American Renewal." (And host Sander Hicks, is a proud signatory.) This is a contract for serious social change politics, and many good candidates have signed on.


04/13/2018    Friday - Today we have three incredible guests, intellectuals and American dissidents against the paranoia and lies of current US Foreign Policy. Two leading members of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry will be on today. Mick Harrison, legislative director, will be on from 3-4 PM. Mr. Harrison recently lead his team to file a historical Grand Jury Petition in US Federal Court in NYC, asking the US Attorney to appoint a grand jury to investigate the federal crimes of 9/11. During that hour, we also have J. Michael Springmann, the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the Reagan and former Bush administrations, from September 1987 through March 1989. While stationed in Saudi Arabia, Springmann was "ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants". Springmann states that these applicants were terrorist recruits of Osama Bin Laden, who were being sent to the United States in order to obtain training from the C.I.A. From 4-5 PM we have another key figure from the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, David Meiswinkle, who was a leading spokesman this week at City Hall, after the filing of the Grand Jury petition around the corner, in the US Courts, Southern District. Sander Hicks is a candidate for US Congress in NYC and will take your calls, discuss your questions, and update you on his campaign for higher office, and higher consciousness.


03/30/2018    Friday - Sander's guest in the first hour was Alison Weir of http://ifamericaknew.org/. Sander is joined in the second hour by activist Alejandro M Otero.

03/23/2018    Friday - Sander's guest in the first hour was Arn Menconi. In the second hour Sander's guest was Ray Alt.

03/16/2018    Friday - The show is called "Deeper States of America" and our guests are election integrity activist Brandon De Graff - reporting on his original research into how the DNC stole the Democratic Primaries from Bernie. At 4 PM, we have progressive activist Keith Mundy, from Oho, one of Bernie's biggest supporters in Ohio. We will update you on our campaign for US Congress, NYC, throughout the show. Hosted by Sander Hicks, with Glitz Litzenberg, co-host.

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