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12/05/2016    Monday - On tonight's show Holly hosted a roundtable with her guests Kirsty, Jennifer and Angela and callers.


11/28/2016    Monday - Holly and Matthew take calls with Debbie on Soul Cleansing and Jennifer does readings with Matthew and Holly.

11/21/2016    Monday - Explore the many facets of healing, happiness, and transformation! Holly Yvette and Matthew David entertain a few guests and discuss Lyme disease. German New Medicine, Reverse Speech, Quantum Physics, DNA Evolve - The World's Premier Ascension Nootropic, and More!

11/14/2016    Monday - Matthew and Holly took testimonial calls from people who have had amazing results from using DNA Evolve and RNA Drops. In the second hour they discuss how to manifest what you want in your life.

11/07/2016    Monday - American Freedom Radio Welcomes "Reality Check" with Holly Yvette and Matthew David. Health, love, and prosperity are your Birthright. Unfortunately, most people are robbed. What would you do if you were stricken down with the incurable disease? What if you found yourself like many Americans with a chronic diagnosable illness? What would you do to turn the situation around? Would you tolerate this condition and therefore be unable to change it? Or would you stand up and fight against the system that stole your health? Host Matthew David Hurtado went through a bankruptcy and bedridden sentence with Lyme disease. Today, Matthew is in robust training shape with incredible well-being. Holly joins Matthew in the discussion as the conversation points out some of the obvious culprits stealing the joy out of life. This is the answer to discovering what you can do to take your power back. Connor Blier joins on the call in the second hour to discuss medical marijuana and the work that his father has done to assist thousands of people worldwide in overcoming their chronic incurable illnesses. We also touch upon some of the future Trends emerging, such as AI and I OT. These Trends will affect every decision in your life. Are we physical beings who have become obsolete? Or are we waking up to remember that we are nonphysical expressions of Consciousness itself? You decide.

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