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01/16/2017    Monday - Guest Kasey Conder an ordained Priest of Isis, Heirophant, ArchDruid, Grand Knight Commander and ArchPriest in the Fellowship of Isis speaks on the power of the Goddess Isis and how tapping into her energy and exemplifying her life will bring one to a deeper understanding of the powers of the DIVINE. And that right now the attack on the feminine is part of the attack from the matrix, to keep people from themselves and their own power. If we connect to out creative, intuitive powers of Light we can be the change needed to stop the Powers that be, and have joy in the experience. Lady Loreon Vigne's passion to bring this worship into practice inspired the "fellowship of Isis" an Oasis to worship, and honor the Goddess within.

01/09/2017    Monday - The Trickle Up Effect is the theory and practice that we are most powerful in our purpose when we are coming from a place of wellness and functionality in our individual lives. It speaks to the microcosm that creates the macrocosm, and the grounded and practical ways we can be part of the planet's healing. Guest Dawni Christensen, the Practical Mystic, refers to herself as the psychic therapist. She works one on one and in groups to assist others with practical ways to make their spirituality relevant in this third dimension. You can reach her at dawnih@hotmail.com with comments and questions.

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