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12/26/2016    Monday - Insiders perspective on the miseducation our nations youth. Public school teacher exposes mechanisms of control while reminding us that we can Enhance the Light by affecting one child at a time. A hopeful look at one of our nations great teachers who is guiding these kids to have self control, listen to their hearts and love learning. The challenge is a daunting task but this soldier of Light is being the advocate of Choice needed in an oppressive structure. Listen in as we discuss ways we can to affect and change our realm from the bottom up.

12/19/2016    Monday - LIGHT Reveal 1: Sustain God-consciousness Orelia and her Guest ANCHOR delve into whats happening on the planet to assist in ascension while revealing methods and practices to help be a true Soldier of Light. Highlights: Recognize yourself to be a Light being, one which can create and produce light for the planet. That each of you holds the power of Skalar energy within your ow body-- and can form and create Light. And with this power you can be a true advocate to Enhance the light. See with open heart the power each of us has in our own unique strengths and brilliance.Embrace masculine and feminine in yourself and others. Appreciate each creatures own unique way. Recognize sexuality to be a power to be honored and access your own self discipline in this. Learn of this creative power and practice often.Allow yourself to be shameless, and boundless.Heal traumas and layers of pain. Recognize that in this dimension there is much blindness to Light, that the answer to heal the decay is in releasing the old systems that have control.Understand all aspects of yourself, your brain, heart, mind soul. Know yourself inside and out. What makes you tick, what constrictions hold you. What constructs you allow to hold you from being your highest self. Make it your personal mission to reveal that which holds this planet back from ascension. Believe more, doubt less. Embrace the metaphysical while appreciating and acknowledging the physical.Follow your intuition, always practicing ways to increase being in tune to your Light-core and nurture and take care of the gift of having this power of knowing. Consume only that which uplifts, foods, books, media, music, people. Learn to listen to your body as it tells you what to consume. Treat your body as a wise entity who must be honored and taken care of with the utmost consideration. Ignore not it's messages as it will tell you where you are in need of Light.Enjoy duality, loving this as a gift. Recognize pain is pleasure and embrace aspects of this realm - knowing you chose it and when it is time you will get a rest. That when we leave we merely transition into something else.

12/12/2016    Monday - American Freedom Radio welcomes Orelia Helias "The Lady Of Light" to our radio family. On tonight's show Orelia T Helias and Steve Ahnael Nobel expose dark groups, while giving ways people can increase their vibration and wake up to this planets exciting increasing frequency. Go to http://thesoulmatrix.com/ and http://enhancethelight.com/ to learn more.

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