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01/20/2017    Friday - Elemental Evolution.. Sherri Wisdom, Gillian Trbilcick and Stephen Roberts, once again exploring the possibilities that have become a part of this reality. Are we gaining knowledge or falling right back into the trap. The trap being described as the cellular stucture of the body, but our society is a solid reflection. as within is without, giving explanation to "freedom is within."

01/13/2017    Friday - What direction is 2017 taking us.. Free Will, or a Prison Planet. Join Elemental Evolution, Sherri Wisdom with Amanda Pinkerman http://www.amandapinkerman.com/, Stephen Roberts https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvn29ssEtIhgWWgJ260i_Weml-vPxmwAq and Fox from Anonymous Radio anonradious.wordpress.com.

01/06/2017    Friday - The Elementals...Are we going to Evolve or become extint, the Human Race. Leading authority Guy Mcpherson discusses his own beliefs combined with his research. Being an anarchist and beliving that people as a whole should take more responsibility for their own survival as oppossed to being dependant on a society based in communities that are bound for distruction. The Planet is showing the signs of what is happening on the surface. Does this mean the time of change for all existance on this planet is about to experience something that again is the product of what has been produced?

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