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12/09/2016    Friday - Its ALL FAKE News. The things we see and the things we hear are a perception of what we know...what we expect and what we have already experienced. If we, as the human race take a look at what has been happening on this planet for thousands of years, the question is not who or why, its is simply how long are we going to allow this to continue. The children being harvested for the evolution of a few, what is called the elite, while spreading terror amongst the rest to fill the table for the grand feast. Within us is the power, its what all are seeking, knowing ourselves, remembering. Elemental Evolution - Friday Nights - American Freedom Radio.

12/02/2016    Friday - Elemental Evolution...where is our planet going, where has it been and who is controlling it? All questions we are looking for the answer to. Orelia Helias, author and healer, brings light to areas that seem impossible. Her vision and exposure to the elite groups that attempted to control the abilites she has brought to this planet to help her heal, only brought more knowledge, more strive for understanding. It is always a great pleasure to have converstaions like this, it reminds me that there is hope.


11/18/2016    Friday - Elemental Evolution on American Freedom Radio, with Sean Maguire and Ben Couwenberg. Exploring the ideas and ways of resolution to the issues that face not only America, but the world. Our Food supplies, water, dependance on transportation and technology leave us victims to a society that was created to manipulate and enslave the masses for the purpose of financial gain of the elite. There are things we, as "The People" can do to make changes.

11/11/2016    Friday - Sherri's guests were Amy Pomar and Leslie Blair.

11/04/2016    Friday - Sherri's guests were Gary Skinner and Steve Roberts.


10/28/2016    Friday - Elemental Evolution, breaking down the American Right to Vote.. how and where is your vote going. Who decides what your voting on.. Did you sign a ballot..? The State of Colorado was simply an example of what we "The People" are looking at with our communities and our States. The manipulation and the lies that are presented with pretty packaging to entice those who follow blindly, are in every vote. When we see how things are writen and we understand that it is not meant to be in our favor, unless it suits them, those with the money are the ones with the power.

10/21/2016    Friday - This week on Elemental Evolution we are taking a look at what is happening on the planet, outside of the elections and political distraction. The States in the west are looking at serious cases of over population. Dr. Robert Cope has joined us to discuss the urgency of this situation and what the options are. I had seen a post on Facebook and sent emails to those who were said to be responsible, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply that invited conversation. Join us for a discussion that may be hard to swallow, but holds blunt truth.

10/14/2016    Friday - Sheri's topic tonight was gun rights and the 2nd amendment.

10/07/2016    Friday - This Weeks Elemental Evolution...Sherri and Andi...Andreia Shotwell, discuss bond of friendship and the growth that it has brought...along with spiritual growth. Andi holds a Master's Degree in Instruction and Curriculum and a Bachelor's Degree in Business and English and dedicated a majority of her life to Educating Children with challenges, either in education, or just life in general. Her approach to teaching inspired many and instead of being encouraged was reprimanded and restructured to teach in the way that "THEY" wanted her to. Obviously this has not worked, if we look at the Education System today, it is failing. When Andi brought this to light, she was not allowed to shine.


09/23/2016    Friday - Sherri's guests were Jesse Horne and Gillian Jones.

09/16/2016    Friday - Learning How Are Bodies Work - Elemental Evolution - You have receptors on every cell in your body. They actually are little mini electrical pumps. When the receptor is activated by a matching "molecule of emotion" the receptor passes a charge into the cell changing the cell's electrical frequency as well as its chemistry. Learning how we operate...how we manifest in this reality...will not only heal this planet but will take this planet to the next step of evolution.

09/09/2016    Friday - Our most treasured resourse has been under attack much longer then the Pipeline has been even a thought. Gunnar Espedal has just published a new Book A New Lease on Life. The book of 528 pages is called a gem of a book, a treasure chest of useful, practical information on prevention, care and cure of all kind of ailments, based on science and divine revelation, written by an artist's eye for beauty and surprise, poetry in motion and powerful healing miracles by Grace, often against all odds. A wake-up call the world so desperately needs. True hard facts, delivered with humor and wisdom, combined with love of life itself.


08/26/2016    Friday - Welcome to the inaugural edition of Elemental Evolution with Sherri Wisdom, Where its our hope to explore the questions we all have, the secrets, and the Answers. Tonights special guests were Gary Skinner, Chuck Ochelli, and Daniel Crumpton.

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